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'''Samuel Wilberforce''' Fellow of the Royal Society|FRS (7 September 1805 – 19 July 1873) was an English bishop in the Church of England, third son of William Wilberforce. Known as "'''Soapy Sam'''", Wilberforce was one of the greatest public speakers of his day.Natural History Museum, London|Natural History Museum. ''[ Samuel Wilberforce]''. Retrieved on 14 February 2008. The nickname derives from a comment by Benjamin Disraeli that the bishop's manner was "unctuous, oleaginous, saponaceous". He is probably best remembered today for his opposition to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution — most notably at a 1860 Oxford evolution debate|famous debate in 1860.
ChurchChurch of England
Archdiocese| diocese =
SeeDiocese of Winchester|Winchester
PredecessorCharles Sumner (bishop)|Charles Sumner
SuccessorHarold Browne
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